Eclipse Bookmarks plugin

2011 update: please look for the plugin on! The update site here no longer works!! Look at the end of the page for more details. That plugin should also work with newer Eclipse versions (3.6, 3.7).

I just created my second Eclipse plugin which adds several bookmark methods to the editor. The "default" bookmark methods of Eclipse ask for a name and this is often not very useful. The code here adds bookmarks a la "Borland" and bookmarks a la "JCreator". The code has the following options which can all be bound/rebound with the keys dialog under the "Edit" category:

  • Add a numbered bookmark at the cursor: Alt+[digit]. This creates a quick bookmark with the specified number using a "single" keypress. Only one bookmark of the given number can be present in the workspace. Setting the same number bookmark again will clear the earlier instance.
  • Goto a numbered bookmark: Alt+Shift+[digit]. Moves to the bookmark as it was set using Alt+[digit].
  • Toggle Bookmark: Ctrl+B. This drops an unnamed bookmark at the current location. Pressing Ctrl+B again releases the bookmark at that location again. This is often used with "Goto next bookmark" and "Goto previous bookmark".
  • Goto next bookmark in file: Ctrl+N. This locates the next bookmark in the current file and moves there.
  • Goto previous bookmark in file: Ctrl+P. This locates the previous bookmark in the current file and moves there. warning: the Ctrl+P binding is a suggestion only; since Ctrl+P is currently assigned you must add your own key binding using Window -> Preferences -> General -> Keys.

I'll be posting the source of the plugin later on; the plugin can be installed using the update site



There is not this plu

There is not this plug-in at the link Where can I get it?

Where to get Bookmark

I have been looking for a nice Eclipse bookmarks plugin which lets me access bookmarks with a keyboard hotkeys and Yours seem to be the best one.

However, it seems to be currently missing from your update site.

Is the bookmarks plugin dead ?

PS I am using Eclipse Helios 3.6...

where is this plugin

hi, i tried to install this plugin through eclipse install new software but it's not there, now it's your new project.

can't we get the bookmarks plugin by itself anymore?



The given update site only shows DOM UI helpers now.
Running Eclipse 362 via STS 260.


Thanks, I was missing this feature !


Where is the plugin? When I install from the url, it only gives med the option of installing some DomUI plugin?

Not available for Ecl

In 3.6, when I enter the update site, only the DomUI plugin is listed. Is the bookmark plugin not compatible with 3.6? The bookmark plugin has become an indispensable part of my Eclipse toolset. I'm struggling without it already, and I just upgraded to 3.6 a week ago.

Appreciate if anyone was able to get this plugin installed in 3.6.

How to install

I had trouble installing this plugin, so I thought I'd share the solution I found (key point in bold below):

1. Help -> Install New Software
2. Enter "" in the "Work With" field.
3. Deselect "Group items by category". (This solves a problem with not being able to see the Plugin you are about to install.)
4. Select the bookmark plugin and follow the normal installation procedure.

Thanks for the great plugin!

Broken site?

I couldn't install by using "".
Is it alive?


i can't get it work. in older versions of eclipse it was ok. but helios is no go for me:(

Installation instruct

Installation instructions :

Go to help->install new software

type in the "Wor with" field

Uncheck Group items by category

install quick bookmarks


In Helios you have to uncheck 'Group Items by category' in Install dialog to see the bookmarks plugin.

don't work on Helios

Just installed it on Eclipse Helios SR1 under Linux, don't work at all. The plugin appeared in a list of installed software but there are no settings for it under Window->Preferences and key bindings (alt+digit, shift+alt+digit, etc.) don't work. Please advise.

Eclipse Helios


it looks like the bookmark Plugin can not be installed in Eclipse Helios.

It is just not listed in the "update list".

Can't find it.


I'm coming from Delphi, andwould love to use that plugin. But can't find at Isn't it available anymore?


Bookmark plugin

I'm very interested in your bookmark plug in, but the software update url seems to be broken...

Is it still available somewhere?


New version for 3.5.2

Frits, I used this years ago. Now that I'm back with Eclipse I'm lost without this plugin. Can you resurrect this baby? Thank you!

Doesn't work with Apt

Plugin sounds great. Unfortunately it doesn't work with latest Aptana.

Has the location of this plugin moved? Can anyone point me towards the new location?


I have this on anothe

I have this on another system & love it! but... The only thing at that location now is DomUI... Where are the editor extensions?

Thanks - Howie

Great, but doesn't se

I too really miss this functionality from the Borland C++ IDE. I installed the plugin with Galileo (Eclipse 3.5) but unfortunately it doesn't work. When I press Alt+Num I get a message "Found 0 markers" and when I press Alt+Shift+Num it says "Entered gotoBM" then "Found 0 markers".

It's a shame because I really miss this functionality!

Good job - the plugin

I was waiting for this plugin for a long long time ( and was not able to write such one :( ) ...
Good work, simple and useful!

Thanks, Michael

Life saver! I used t

Life saver! I used t have this Windows world (may be with MyEclipse) and was missing terribly in Mac.


there is also another plugin with the "borland-bookmarks-functionality". see:


This is a great plugin, and it's going make me much more efficient. Thank you!

Is there any key that

Is there any key that I can use to clear all the bookmarks?


Eclipse Galileo


great plugin. I missed this functionlity from the beginning. Today I started testing the Galileo edition.
Your plugin works great. Here an update to the reply "how to set Goto Quick" for Galileo.
in Eclipse 3.5 you can set it in Window\Preferences...\General\Keys
press "Filters..." button at the bottom of page and uncheck "Filter uncategorized commands".
Now You can modify bindings for all "Goto Quick Bookmark X" command.

Happy bookmarking :)

Thanks ! very usefull

Thanks !
very usefull plugin.

But as a lot of people have been written below I have needs to reconfigure the plugin key binding from original to Ctrl+ Num sequences.
the keys cannot be reconfigured from the menu Window , Preferences . keys configuration and so on, you know.
What I did to change key binding:
I have import the plugin . changed binding of keys in the plugin xml, added to build configuration *.jar , export , copied to plugin directory new version and restarted.
A new key binding works.

I prefer Ctrl 1-9,0 for go to quick bookmark but , Ctrl (1,2,3) is used by eclipse by default. thus I'm trying to use different keys for that.
Any ideas ? :)))))
But all is going to change most of eclipse keybing for my oun needs, no compatibility , but it's very usefull. as show me my many year's experience of eclipse java ide customization.

Thank you for your attention, Konstantin.


So Cool!!! It is can integrated with EclipseEE bookmark and work well, woh~


Don't work with Ganymede 3.4 whatever the latest version is called :)
I really miss it

Dirty hack ahead

Heya moderators, feel free to merge this with my other comment from a minute ago.

Quick & Dirty-Hack:
Should your Eclipse also refuse to allow ALT-SHIFT-[1-9] you can do the following:
1: Go to "Help" => "Software Upd" => "Manage Config."
2: Disable the plugin " DAO Generator 1.0.13"
==> Exit Eclipse
3: Open the file "to.etc.eclipse.colorplugin_1.0.3.jar" from the Eclipse-Plugin-folder
using WinRar
4: from within WinRAR open the file "plugin.xml"
5: Scroll to about line 400 and begin to change all occurrences of
Shift+Alt+[1-9] to the shortcut that floats your boat.
6: Save the plugin.xml file and let WinRar update the JAR-file.
7: Re-Activate the plugin in Eclipse again

That's it. I changed to Ctrl+Alt+[1-9] and it works beautifully


Thanks from me too!

As I have been programming a lot in Delphi in them old days I really am used to numbered bookmarks. Thanks a million for your groovy plugin. One thing though: on 3 out of 4 of my machines the shortcut keys to jump to the bookmarks won't work (Alt+Shift+[1-9]). Any solution for this in sight (prob appears in both Ecl. 3.3.x and 3.4.x)?

ps: As mentioned below, Keys to anvigate to Bookmarks do not appear in the preferences.

pps: generally, my eclipse installations do not allow me to set any short the likes of "ALT+SHIFT+[Number]". Looks as if Eclipse filters those key-codes

Where is it ?!!

The plugin could not be found at

Most asked question w

This is asked so many times in comments without answer - is there way to change keys for "Go To Bookmark X" actions?? (There is not such command as "go to bookmark X" in Keys preferences page)

Please the author to tell us: yes - how?, no - will it be implemented in future?

In windows I am using Alt + Shift to change current language, I cannot use it for bookmarks.


how to set Goto Quick


in Eclipse 3.3.2 you can set it in Window\Preferences...\General\Keys
press Advanced... button at the bottom of page and uncheck Filter uncategorized commands
now You can modify bindings for all "Goto Quick Bookmark X" command :)


Useful plugin. Its functionalities are really missing in eclipse.


Numbered bookmarks are missing from almost all IDEs/editors, and as I am using Delphi from long time I cant without this feature. Prev/Next bookmarks are so inept compared to numbered bookmarks...

So I installed this plugin, and it works, but I want to change shortcuts (to be like Delphi). However in Preferences-Keys i found only Set quick bookmark 0-9 commands, and not "go to quick bookmark". Any idea whiy is that?


Numbered bookmarks are missing from almost all IDEs/editors, and as I am using Delphi from long time I cant without this feature. Prev/Next bookmarks are so inept compared to numbered bookmarks...

So I installed this plugin, and it works, but I want to change shortcuts (to be like Delphi). However in Preferences-Keys i found only Set quick bookmark 0-9 commands, and not "go to quick bookmark". Any idea whiy is that?

"Goto Quick Bookmark

Finally I found this great plugin!

But unfortunately I have a minor problem: I would like to change key bindings for the command "Goto Quick Bookmark X", but neither the key bindings nor the commands appear in Eclipse's keys preferences.

The default Alt+Shift+X key bindings work. (I only can't find a way to modify them!?)

One of the previous posters seems to have the same problem. Anybody had the same problem and solved it?



I've managed to change the keys for `Set Quick Bookmark 1` from Alt+1 to e.g. Ctrl+Shift+1, but how/where do I change `Go To Quick Bookmark 1` (which is nowhere to be found in Keys) from Shift+Alt+1 to e.g. Ctrl+1?

Thanks :)

Take care,

Hotkey for clear all

or clear them one by one?


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Very nice plugin

thanks a lot
I hope this like function
I'm using Ctrl+b, p, n, it's useful

Could you support me,

Hi Jalvingh,
I want to develop a enhanced plug-in for bookmark, as we know, we must use mouse to select bookmark that we want, this is very inconvenient, so i want to develop a bookmark enhancer that looks like "open type" dialog, we can use hot key to open it, after that type a bookmark that we are looking for. but now, i dont know how should i do i can get all bookmark from the original bookmark plug-in of eclipse, as you know, that is a un-valuable thing if i re-write the existed bookmark plug-in instead of using existed one. could you tell me is there some interfaces or methods for the bookmark plug-in of eclipse to let me get all bookmarks? thank you very much!

Good work!

I've been missing this functionality in Eclipse and was planning to write a plugin when I found your plugin. Very good work!

Change keymapping

I want to change the keymapping for that goto Quickmark 1-9 command, because [Alt]+[Shift]+ Digit doesn't work for me.
In Window->Preferences->Keys I don't find any goto quick bookmarks command.
What to do? :?

Thanks for great plug

After this plugin - eclipse is make sense for me :) working for me

Can you pls post the

I'd like to see if I can make it work in RAD.

Thank you!

This is a life saver for a vim user trying to move to Eclipse.

Ignore previous comme

Please ignore my comment on network error trying to install, it was due to the PoS* Eclipse losing half of the proxy config settings.

Any chance of you postqqqing the source as you stated in the article?

* No, I don't mean "point of sale".