Installing Oracle 10gR2 on Gentoo 2005.1

Always nice to see that my free versions of Postgresql and mysql compile and run EVERYWHERE, but my grossly expensive licensed copy of Oracle as usual does not install. What a bunch of shit.


  • Make sure you emerge lib-compat and gcc-compat. 

Problem 1: the bloody installer hangs during linking of ntcontab.

This is caused by an error in the script $ORACLE_HOME/bin/gennttab. In this script they try to replace a space with a newline using sed but the code fails with a sed command error. To fix replace the part reading

LIB=`$ECHO ${TtoLIB}  | $SED 's/ /\\
/g' | $GREP "^${T}:" | $AWK -F: '{print $2}'`


LIB=`$ECHO ${TtoLIB}  | $SED 's/ /\n/g' | $GREP "^${T}:" | $AWK -F: '{print $2}'`

for all three lines. The fixed script is attached.

Problem 2: error linking in opt/oracle/10g/bin/genorasdksh -base

Caused by a missing /usr/lib/ Fix this by linking this to the appropriate library installed by lib-compat; in my case

ln -s /usr/lib/gcc-lib/i686-pc-linux-gnu/3.3.6/ /usr/lib/

Problem 3: missing libaio library

This can be seen with ldd oracle. Tips to get this library can be found here